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Company Philosophy

Fan Equipment Co., Inc. is sincerely committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products that meet or exceed their requirements. Our position in the air handling equipment industry is established for over thirty-five years, and is attributed to adherence to high quality standards. Management fully supports this commitment and will use and delegate authority to ensure compliance with all applicable quality standards.
Our corporation is also committed to providing our employees with a desirable work environment, offering competitive remuneration, satisfying personal challenge and long-term employment stability.
To achieve these goals, we must have a high level of dedication from every employee. We must resolve to perform our individual tasks as completely and accurately as we know how, while seeking to improve all aspects of the organization for everyone's benefit.

Design Engineer

Design Engineer assists the Engineering Manager with the specification and design of industrial fan applications. The Design Engineer assists in providing customer drawings, fabrication drawings, design research, testing, and confirmation of all design criteria for fan specifications. Applicants must have solid understanding of mechanical engineering and a minimum of five years of experience of CAD, Finite Element Analysis, Word, and Excel. Send all resumes to info@fanequipment.com.

Assistant Assembly Manager

The Assistant Manager supports the Manager in all the mechanical procedures of fan production. This would include knowledge of mechanics, assembly, and production. Fan Assembly, Fan Balancing, Testing, Shipping, and Order Documentation Procedures will be required. A basic knowledge of communication and management skills is required. Training is conducted with each employee to allow the improvement of all aspects mechanical knowledge. This position requires a motivated individual who is looking for a career not just another job. Send all resumes to info@fanequipment.com.

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