Fan Equipment Co., Inc.
We Supply Fans/Blowers throughout The United States, Canada, Mexico, and Abroad.
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Fan Equipment Co., Inc.
We Supply Fans/Blowers throughout The United States, Canada, Mexico, and Abroad.
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Fan Equipment Co., Inc.
We Can Find the Best Solution for Your Specific Application.
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Fan Equipment Co., Inc. (Formally Fan Engineering Co., Inc.-a California Corporation) builds fans from 1 HP to 700 HP. Wheel Diameters from 10” to 102”. Our fans are available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Alloys, Epoxy Coated, and in Fiberglass. The applications include Process Gas Fans, Odor Control Fans, Waste Water Treatment Fans, Air Pollution Control, Nuclear Power Plants, Steel Mills, Paper Mills, Ovens, Autoclaves, and General Ventilation.

Each application determines the selection of each fan we build. Our design engineering staff utilize tools such as: bearing load analysis, finite element analysis, AutoCAD drawings, and various custom engineering programs. Those tools along with more than seventy-five years of design experience provides quality engineering for each fan we manufacture. Performance and Sound Testing has been performed on each of our different fan lines.

We employ AWS (American Welding Society) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Section IX certified welders and support a Quality Assurance Program that complies with 10 CFR 50 requirements.

We invite you and your customers to visit our factory. We believe upon inspection you will find a company that prides itself on quality workmanship and on-time deliveries.

The following describes more of Fan Equipment’s capabilities in greater detail.

Order entry, purchasing, and fabrication status is efficiently accomplished with our custom Fan Equipment software.

Each engineer operates a workstation utilizing in house, internet based, and custom engineering programs to fulfill the technical requirements of each project.  Detailed dimension drawings, performance curves, sound evaluations, bearing load analysis, shaft critical speeds, finite element analysis, and rotor/motor WR^2 calculations are prepared for orders as required.

Manufacturing begins with CAD based files generated to plasma cut sub-assembly parts.  Nesting programs are used to maximize materials for multiple item orders, increasing overall efficiency, and minimizing scrap costs.

Finished rotors are statically & dynamically balanced on one of three stationary balancing machines.  Fans furnished as complete units, with drive motors not exceeding 500 HP, and 460/575-volt power requirements, are mechanically run tested to meet less than 0.1m/sec. (ANSI G2.5) with the customer’s drive motor on our 40,000 lb. concrete test base and given a final balance check with our IRD 880 portable vibration analyzer. A printed spectrum of frequency vs. unbalance level is taken for each order, and available for customer review upon request. A wide range of operating speeds is obtained by governing the motor with our Allen Bradley/Stromberg variable frequency motor controller.

All Fan Equipment Co. products are rated and tested in accordance with AMCA guidelines. Our engineering personnel regularly test new designs and confirm performance characteristics of existing geometries at our facility with duct configurations in accordance with AMCA standards and guidelines. As a member of AMCA, we also confirm empirical test data with contract tests at the AMCA laboratory in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Calibrated instrumentation is also in place to perform mechanical run tests of complete units. Fan assemblies can be operated at full speed, for several hours, while bearing temperature, residual unbalance levels, and overall mechanical behavior is monitored and recorded.

Fan Equipment Co. personnel are qualified to perform visual examinations of weldments and an outside third party can provide dye penetrant examinations of weldments. When customer specifications call for other services, we can also employ third party vendors to supply sophisticated machining, post weld heat treating & stress relieving, NDE & metallurgical examinations, and accessory items to satisfy the most stringent of requirements.

Based in North Las Vegas, Nevada, Fan Equipment Co. can offer the advantages of access to extensive transportation corridors.  Incoming and outgoing goods are routed by major carriers on air, land, and sea.  We are serviced by several international airports, The Port of Los Angeles for ocean freight, rail connections, and our extensive highway system.  In addition, our climate eliminates the excuse of bad weather for poor performance.

Fan Equipment Co. supports sales representatives in over twenty-five cities, throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Requests for field start-up, ongoing maintenance, or warranty service of our equipment is achieved by dispatching the appropriate sub-contracted specialized technicians from one of several independent service organizations in your region.

Production area: 33,000 ft^2 building / 106, 000 ft^2 yard

Production personnel: 37

L-TEC Piecemaker: 72 Plasma cutting tables: Qty. (2)

DoALL Band Saw: high speed – 1″ blade    

DoALL Cutting Machine: 12″ dia. bar capacity

Drill Press: Qty. (6)              

Hydraulic Press: 200 ton

Steelweld Shear: 1/4″ plate                          

Piranha / Peddinghaus Ironworkers: Qty. (2)           

Buffalo Forge Angle Roller

Bridgeport End Mill: Qty. (3)

Cincinnati Press Brake: 175 Ton

Niagara Press Brake: 3/16″ plate x 5 ft. capacity

Niagara Plate Roll: 1/2″ plate x 5 ft. capacity

Mitts & Merrill Key Seater: Model #2

Engine Lathe:  10 ft. bed x 30″ swing

LeBlond Engine Lathe: 6 ft. bed x 20″ swing Qty. (2)

Poreba Engine Lathe: 14 ft. bed x 40″ swing

Wire Feed GMAW electric welding machines: Qty. (26)

Electrode SMAW electric welding machines: Qty. (26)

Cobramatic Aluminum wire feed welding machines: Qty. (3)

Thermo-Pak handheld plasma cutter

Binks water wash paint booth: 24 ft.

Blast Booth: 24’ x 24’ x 16’: Qty. (1)

Bear Balancing Machines: Qty. (2)

Balmac Balancing Machine: 102″ dia. Capacity

Hoffman Balancing Machines: Qty. (2)

IRD Model 880 Vibration Analysis & Balancing Machine: Qty. (3)

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