Our corporation is also committed to providing our employees with a desirable work environment, offering competitive remuneration, satisfying personal challenge and long-term employment stability. To achieve these goals, we must have a high level of dedication from every employee. We must resolve to perform our individual tasks as completely and accurately as we know how, while seeking to improve all aspects of the organization for everyone’s benefit. If you want to join our team and you are qualified for one of the positions listed below, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Assistant Assembly Manager

The Assistant Manager supports the Manager in all the mechanical procedures of fan production. This would include knowledge of mechanics, assembly, and production. Fan Assembly, Fan Balancing, Testing, Shipping, and Order Documentation Procedures will be required. A basic knowledge of communication and management skills is required as well as a working knowledge of Word, Excel and Outlook. Training is conducted with each employee to allow improvement pertaining to all aspects of mechanical knowledge. This position requires a motivated individual who is looking for a career, not just another job. 

Design Engineer

Design Engineer is a position for a hard-working and dedicated individual with a strong attention to detail and follow through. You will assist in fan selection, design, and component detailing. Fan designing requires the use of CAD as well as various custom software programs. You will also provide customers with technical support and help with fan design issues. 2D CAD experience is required, 3D CAD experience preferred, as well as a working knowledge of Word, Excel, and Outlook. A Mechanical Engineering degree and/or two years of experience in a commercial/manufacturing environment is also required. 


The machinist performs production tasks which include the cutting and shaping of various types of metal to precision dimensions using a variety of equipment and hand tools. Applicants must have a proficient math aptitude, the ability to interpret and work from drawings and sketches, and knowledge of working with measuring instruments. Machinists also perform dismantling and assembly work, as well as, assisting with lay-outs and fitting. Must also have the ability to stand, walk, use hands, arms, bend, stoop, and/or kneel continuously during an eight hour shift.

Inside Sales Engineer

The Sales Engineer assists the Sales Manager with the specification and quoting of industrial fan applications. This involves interpreting customer specifications, providing customers information, research, and writing Sales Orders with fan specifications. Applicants must have  understanding of mechanical concepts and a minimum of five years of experience in a Sales capacity and a working knowledge of Word, Excel and Outlook.


Welders must have experience in TIG, wire feed, and stick welding of carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and various alloys. Must be able to read shop drawings and layout / fit parts per those drawings. Must have the ability to stand, walk, use hands and arms, bend, stoop and/or kneel continuously during an eight hour shift. Must be ASME Section IX Certified (or able to pass certification). A welding test is required prior to hire.

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