Industrial fans are designed to operate under the most demanding conditions.  At Fan Equipment we employ the highest standards to manufacture the best quality, most rugged industrial fans on the market.

Heavy Duty Mechanical Draft Fans - BISC Industrial

Wheel Blade Type: backward inclined single camber curved blades

40 sizes: 12” thru 80” wheel diameters

Capacities: to 125,000 CFM

Pressures: to 70” W.G

Temperatures: to 700°F

Performance Type: medium volume with high static pressure

Construction: Standard Duty (SD), Heavy Duty (HD), Extra Heavy Duty (XHD)

Typical uses:  Foundries, Petroleum & Chemical Plants, Steel Mills, Paper Mills, Industrial Exhaust Systems and Other Erosive and Corrosive Environments.

Our Type BISC fans are quiet and efficient for industrial service. They are available in two specific speed designs (BISC & BISC-Q) to cover a wide range of performances. The BISC line also has sizes in-between industry standard sizes that competitors do not offer thus allowing for the most efficient direct driven selection.

Type BISC fans exhibit non-overloading horsepower characteristics. This provides a BHP (Brake Horsepower) curve that reaches a peak within the normal operating zone allowing the optimum motor (or other prime driver) selection that will not overload with a drop in the system’s pressure.

The impellers are all welded high-strength steel construction with gauges and features to ensure structural integrity and long life throughout the operating class. Hubs are taper-lock or clearance straight bore depending on the application. All fans are factory balanced to ISO 1940/1 Grade G2.5 (1/10 in/sec max velocity).

The aerodynamic volute shaped housings are constructed of robust gauges, are substantially braced, and have a continuously solid welded exterior scroll to the side seams. Solid welding inside and outside is available upon request.

Standard construction is for clean to mildly dirty air up to 200°F maximum temperature. Special options, materials, and construction features are available for other demanding process conditions such as elevated temperatures (up to 700°F), corrosive airstreams, spark-resistance, and low leakage applications. Optional materials of construction include A588, A656, A514, various Stainless Steels, Inconel, Hastelloy, AL6XN, Monel, Titanium, Aluminum, FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) and more. Special abrasion resistant materials and design features to minimize wear are available for light to moderate material handling capabilities.

Standard finish is gray enamel. We offer numerous paint and coating options on both the airstream and exterior surfaces. Rubber lined housings interiors are available where practical.

BISC fan are capable of light material handling like powder, dust, and short fibers. For more serious material handling capabilities refer to our M-IE Industrial Line.