Fan Equipment’s ventilating fans are designed for applications requiring high efficiency and low noise output.

Portable Ventilating Fans

Our portable ventilators are designed for 24-hour unattended operation at both off-road and on-road locations. They are for the exhaust or supply of air to drain culverts, water system piping, sewers, construction sights, buildings, elevator shafts and any other applications where large volumes of air are required. The fan features a non-overloading brake horsepower curve so the engine can’t bog down regardless of operating configuration.

5 Models: Ventilator 200, 400, 600, 800 & 1000

Capacities: 6,000, 12,000, 18,000, 24,000 & 30,000 CFM

Pressures: to 4” W.G.

Construction: Class IV

Duct Sizes: 16” to 30”

Standard Features: Heavy Duty carbon steel construction with an aluminum impeller, spark-resistant construction, in-operation safety light, housing shaft seal, safety guards, rubber vibration isolators, 12-volt DC electric start. high-amp alternator and covered batteries, centrifugal clutch (PTO) and a heavy-duty trailer.

Engine: Powered by variable-speed water-cooled industrial diesel engines (IOPU-Industrial Open Power Unit) with U.S. EPA Tier Four Final (T4F) certification that connects to the fan’s V-belt drive via a durable PTO (power take-off) unit. A heavy-duty exhaust system with a rain cap is standard.

Controls and Gauges: engine controls and gauges mounted on a central panel located inside the enclosure providing engine management software, overheat and low oil pressure protection, oil pressure gauge with low pressure light, overheat shut down protection, ammeter gauge and failure light, non-resettable hour meter and key start ignition.

Fuel Tank: 20-gallon (min) metal fuel tank with fuel level indicator at control panel, UV resistant Fuel lines and a tethered fuel cap.

Engine Enclosure: The entire engine and PTO assembly are protected from the elements with a robust steel cover with hinged and lockable access doors.

Guards: Safety guards meeting OSHA requirements protect the V-belt drive belt assembly, fan shaft, engine cooling fan, fan inlet and outlet.

Trailer: Meets all U.S. Department of Transportation requirements for highway travel, Capable of highway speeds to 55 MPH and transport over rough terrain, 2” ball tongue (other options available) equipped with 2 class 3 SAE J684f safety chains, electric brake, screw type stabilizer jacks with pads (one front, two rear), heavy duty fenders, storage compartment for the ventilation hose (supplied by others), 12 volt LED lighting, lighted license plate mount, reflectors shock resistant tail and turn signal lights and certificate of origin.