Fan Equipment’s ventilating fans are designed for applications requiring higher volume and lower noise output.

Vane Axial Ventilating Fans – VA Ventilating Fans

Wheel Blade Type: fixed single thickness curved & twisted blades

17 sizes: 15” thru 72” wheel diameters

Capacities: to 160,000 CFM

Pressures: to 6” W.G.

Temperatures: to 300°F

Performance Type: high volume with low static pressure

Construction: Standard Duty (SD), Heavy Duty (HD)

Typical uses: Commercial HVAC, Fume, Smoke & Heat Removal, Paint Spray Booth Exhaust, Process Drying and General Ventilation.

Type VA fans are quiet and efficient and are used for all types of Air Handling applications. Type VA fans offer a space-saving in-line type configuration which can minimize\eliminate transitions and system turns when site space is at a premium. These Ventilation Fans are typically used to supply or exhaust clean air near room temperature, as well as exhausting contaminated, noxious, or hot air away from workers and/or machinery when properly specified. They can be both floor-mounted or ceiling-hung as well as horizontal or vertical.

Type VA fans exhibit non-overloading horsepower characteristics. This provides a BHP (Brake Horsepower) curve that reaches a peak within the normal operating zone allowing the optimum motor (or other prime driver) selection that will not overload with a drop in the system’s pressure.

The impellers are all welded high-strength steel construction with gauges and features to ensure structural integrity and long life throughout the operating class. Hubs are taper-lock or clearance straight bore depending on the application. All fans are factory balanced to ISO 1940/1 Grade G2.5 (1/10 in/sec max velocity).

The cylindrical housings are constructed of robust gauges for each class, are substantially braced, and have a continuously solid welded exterior scroll to the side seams. Solid welding inside and outside is available upon request. Straightening vanes are located downstream of the fan wheel.

Standard construction is for clean air up to 120°F maximum temperature. Special options, materials and construction features are available for other demanding process conditions such as elevated temperatures (up to 300°F), corrosive airstreams, and spark-resistance. Optional materials of construction include various Stainless Steels and Aluminum.

Standard finish is gray enamel. We offer numerous paint and coating options on both the airstream and exterior surfaces.

Wind band/damper section and curb cap can be provided for Roof Exhauster applications. Portable fans on casters can be used for surface cooling of kilns and ovens.

While not specifically for material handling, VA fans are capable of light dust and particulate handling but are subject to material build-up (especially on the fan wheel and straightening vanes) which must be monitored. For more serious material handling capabilities we suggest considering a centrifugal fan design like our BISC or M-IE Industrial Line.