The following terms and conditions shall be part of any contract of sale which may be entered into between the buyer and Fan Equipment Co., Inc.  Any terms and conditions in the buyer’s purchase order, purchase order acknowledgment, or any other writing pertaining to such order, irrespective of its’ wording or of when received by us, which are in conflict or inconsistent with or add to the terms and conditions hereof, will not be acceptable or become a part of any resulting contract without our express typed or handwritten consent.


A. Fan Equipment Co., warrants that the design, construction, and materials of our products will be first-class, and free from defects in the materials and workmanship for a period not to exceed eighteen (18) months from shipment or twelve (12) months from date of installation, whichever occurs first. Our sole obligation under this Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement, without charge, at the purchase order F.O.B. point, any defective parts. Fan Equipment Co., Inc. will not be responsible for damages, contingent liabilities, or consequential damages of any nature, resulting from the above stated Warranty; or from any defect in our products, either in materials, design, or construction, or arising from the use of such products. We do not guarantee against abrasion, corrosion, erosion, or accumulation of material on the fan rotor (buildup).

The above stated Warranty is given expressly in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose, and constitutes the only Warranty made by the seller.

B. Warranties on equipment not of our manufacture are limited to the Warranty terms of our suppliers.

C. All Warranty claims must be submitted to Fan Equipment Co., within ten (10) days of discovery of defect within the warranty period or shall be deemed waived. Do not attempt to make any repairs on the fan equipment during the warranty period without the prior written authorization of Fan Equipment Co., Inc. or its representatives; otherwise, the Warranty is voided.

D. Fan Equipment Co., shall not be liable for any injury to persons or property resulting from improper installation, operation, misapplication, neglect, modification, repair, or maintenance (including lubrication) of equipment by customers or third parties.


A. Prices, freight policy and terms of payment relating to products are published herein.  The acceptance of orders is subject to credit approval.  Unless otherwise specifically stated herein agreed upon in writing, our terms are net cash within 30 days from date of invoice.  In some instances, a 1% discount is given if payment is made by the date specified on the invoice.  This discount can be rescinded at any time if unearned discounts are being taken.

B. Unless otherwise previously agreed upon in writing, the prices at which we invoice will be those in effect at the time of shipment.  The prices shown herein may be withdrawn or subject to change without notice at any time prior to receipt and acceptance of buyer’s purchase order at our offices.

C. Taxes:  Unless otherwise indicated no Sales Tax will be charged in our prices. The amount of any such taxes which are paid or payable, in connection with any order and are not included in the purchase price, shall be added to the invoice and paid by the customer to us directly as part of the total invoiced amount.  If a state resale card is not on file with Fan Equipment Co. an appropriate tax amount will be added to the invoice.


1%10 Net 30 Days:
  Upon credit approval; all orders with a minimum of (4) week lead time.

Net 10 Days:
   All “RUSH GUARANTEED” orders for customers with an established credit of 1%10 Net 30 Days terms with a lead time of four (4) weeks or less.
   3rd Party Field Service, Refer to Field Service rates for description of services.
   If freight is pre-paid by Fan Equipment Co., Inc. Freight is invoiced separately.
   Export Fees, Brokering, & Shipping arrangements are not included as we do not provide this service.

50% Down, 50% Upon Completion:
special parts without established credit.Any business outside the United States.
   All orders for customers whose credit is unsatisfactory.

Cancellation Charges:
   All orders where engineering approval prints and shop prints are complete, a 10% cancellation fee will apply.
   All orders where fabrication and material requisitions have started, a 20% minimum cancellation fee will apply, with total charges based on time
      and labor expended.
   All orders which are 80% to 100% complete, a 100% cancellation fee will apply. All blowers and parts are custom manufactured, no re-stocking
      will be allowed.

Large Purchases:
   Progressive payments would be required for purchases over $100,000.00 on approved credit.
   Payment terms are subject to the total amount of order.
   Typical terms are 25% down, 25% prior shipment, and 50% due Net 30 days.

   Forms of payment that will be accepted by Fan Equipment Co., Inc. is a company check, wire transfer or an ACH transaction.
   We also accept credit cards for a 5% service charge.  Banking information is only provided after receipt of a purchase order.

   Prices are our lowest OEM discounted level offered. Discounts may be offered for multiple quantities.